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Sustainability Consulting to Global Brands

A global powerhouse of 450+ professionals covering sustainability reporting: ESG, B-Corp, carbon emissions and more!

ESG PRO work with organisations of every size to achieve their ESG, and sustainability reporting goals fast and efficiently. For SMEs, we offer guidance on B-Corp certification and, for larger businesses, we are experts in ESG. All aspects of your carbon emissions (GHG) can be addressed. The result: the most professional Annual Sustainability Reports for every business, backed by certifications.

ESG PRO Ltd. is a global advisory firm on Climate, ESG, B-Corp, and related sustainability consulting services. We work with SME/SMB and large corporates too, with expert teams navigating the 40+ reporting frameworks used globally.

For corporate clients, we support reporting to the regulatory requirements of TCFD, the EU CSRD, CBAM and so forth. It’s a scalable approach, designed to deliver the results you require at a pace you can define. Many firms come to us seeking support for their in-house sustainability managers.

We work with clients across the UK, Europe, the USA, and Asia. We succeed because we simplify these complex processes through our fully managed service. This controls the costs, offers the greatest flexibility, and it’s also eco-friendly. We focus on the sustainability methodology and not on selling you software.

We ensure your ESG and carbon (GHG) reporting is both complete and audited, and all of our clients gain an internationally recognised ESG rating with the option to achieve Carbon Neutrality verified to PAS2060:2014.

Sustainability adds value to the business. By putting people and the environment first, every business can realise increased profitability, more deals won, and a happier workforce. Our tiered pricing enables you to go at your own pace according to the level of reporting required. Whatever sustainability service you need, and wherever you are on your journey, ask us. We have the answers!

ESG for SME / SMB Clients

Businesses of all sizes love our affordable ESG and B CORP certification sustainability offerings because we save them the costs of buying software and learning how to manage it. We’re your ‘in-house’ experts, with a 90-day Fast Start guarantee.

With ESG PRO, you get your initial ESG rating within 90 days, while we continue to hep you with your B CORP process. This continues throughout the year through our 1:1 consulting. We cover every aspect from materiality assessments through to s.172 statement advisory, and much more. We package this with incredible support and training packages in case you want to manage it all in-house. Just ask!

Carbon (GHG) Emissions

Do you need help with carbon reporting? Our experts can manage every aspect of your Scope 1, 2, 3, carbon reporting. For most clients, this starts with fulfilling your PPN06/21 Carbon Footprint Report and SECR compliance requirements. Validating your Net Zero statement, or progressing to verification as a Carbon Neutral organisation to the PAS2060:2014 standard is the typical next step.

We know that roughly 85% of your carbon footprint is to be found in your supply chain, and our expert data analysts can calculate these emissions fast. We then show you how to de-carbonise your supply chain and how to make your entire sustainability programme self-funding.

ESG for Corporate Clients

We have the capability and experience to support our clients globally across all major ESG frameworks including GRI, SASB, TCFD, EU CSRD, CBAM, ETS, and those of all major stock exchanges.

What makes us so successful is that we can deliver our services externally through consultancy alone, or we can offer one of the several ESG reporting platforms suited to your goals. Some clients, however, seek us purely as an adjunct to their own teams who need some extra support.

Make Sustainability Fully Self-Funding

ESG PRO has taken sustainability reporting to a new level: our data analysts and corporate governance experts work together with your management teams, especially HR, legal, procurement, and your executive, and we uncover the concrete savings which add directly to your bottom line.

We lead this initiative with our Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment. This reveals your entire supply chain carbon footprint, and from here rapid de-carbonisation can commence. The savings are considerable, typically circa 10% of your operational expenditure. No other sustainability firm offers such a capability!

Award-winning ESG and Carbon (GHG) reporting solutions

Why ESG PRO for Carbon and ESG?

With our unique blend of people, platform, and standards, led by a team who believe we can make a positive difference. We achieve superior results by working in harmony with your internal staff to simplify your reporting objectives because we know you need results which can withstand scrutiny.

Technology is at our heart, and so we use multiple ESG intelligence tools to support all major standards (including UN SDG, GRI, IIRC), and we’re able to support your TCFD, CSRD, and SFDR disclosures too. The difference with us is that we use these software platforms so your staff aren’t bogged down. Your sustainability team have plenty to do already, without having to master software and ESG reporting practices.

Carbon footprint reporting, carbon neutrality, and carbon reduction plans all fall under our sustainability reporting remit. Here too, we deliver huge added value to every client, wherever they are on their reporting journey. That’s why we adhere to the one global standard: PAS2060:2014.

Our Service

The board of ESG PRO set out with a mission: to help clients of  every size, no matter where in the globe they operate. We evaluated dozens of approaches, from global brands to boutique consultancies, and we realised they’re all doing the same thing: they’re selling software, together with huge reports of little value. That’s not sustainability! Download our corporate brochure to discover more!

We’re following the raft of ESG regulations as they emerge, and it’s a fairly intimidating picture. The most worrying aspect, though, is how so few corporations have even begin to address compliance.

At ESG PRO, we believe your ESG / Sustainability reporting should start with getting it right from the very outset. A quality Materiality Assessment is a pre-requisite, and so is management training. The external stakeholders often need some training too, as do employees. And that’s just the beginning.

Our consultants enable every firm to minimise the costs of reporting, from data collection through to auditable and public-facing report generation. We do this by working remotely except when absolutely required. You interact with our Cloud / SaaS platform, but it doesn’t cost you anything. Our ‘hands on’ consultants manage your reporting project and you get the results without adding staff.

The ESG PRO Approach

We have the most scalable and flexible approach to sustainability and ESG reporting, start from nothing and work towards Carbon Neutrality! Corporate risk managers, faced with sustainability and ESG demands, are in particular need of help and support.

Our corporate clients can leverage our sophisticated tools to manage the process with us, including ESG reporting, carbon neutrality, supply chain, reputation risks and more … all integrated into their SAP / Oracle or other major ERM system.

Corporate clients gain the benefits of our in-built ESG ratings on more than 200,000 companies worldwide enables both improved investment decisions and a clear path to carbon neutrality. There’s also our 750,000 supplier ESG risk assessments ready to simplify their own supply chain monitoring. Suddenly, stock exchange reporting is within grasp, no matter if the client needs to report to stock exchanges in the Americas, APAC, Europe, or the Middle East.

Our corporate brochure

You can download our corporate brochure here. Look for our ESG industry guides which we’ve prepared for several sectors. Download ESG industry guides here.

Popular ESG Enterprise Functionality

01. Instant access to ESG ratings for internal assessments
02. Track ESG performance against competitors
03. ESG reporting tools & data collection
04. We support all major standards incl., GRI, UN SDG, SASB, TCFD, SFDR, CSRD
05. Supply chain sustainability & human rights and due diligence
06. Access more than 200,000 ESG ratings and assessments
07. Climate risk modelling tools for net-zero pathways
08. Supply Chain Sustainability Audits
09. Human resources (HR) auditing


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