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ESG & NET ZERO for the Hospitality Sector

ESG affects you

It’s not just consumers who are demanding sustainability, but businesses too because your carbon footprint and business ethics affect their own performance and costs. There is no better time to maximise your brand appeal than now: ESG is a proven recipe for business growth at all levels.

We get it. ESG PRO advises the hotel, leisure and tourism industry like no other firm of consultants. Our proven methodologies ensure you can deliver the provable results whether it’s a branding exercise or about delivering a return on investment for your property group.

Face your immediate challenges today

ESG PRO was established in 2016, committed solely to assisting businesses in adhering to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulations. We deal with all the associated tasks from carbon footprint assessments to carbon neutrality. With a fixed price for each project, gone are the days of overpriced consultancy fees. Our Fully Managed Service eliminates software or ESG rating costs. Catering to both SMEs and large corporations, we also provide counsel to governments and global PLCs. Efficient, quick, and affordable, we ensure compliance for all businesses.

Cost Neutral Sustainability!

ESG PRO has the experience and size to guide almost any business through the spectrum of sustainability while making it entirely self- funding.

There are many facets to this remarkable approach, and it all starts with our bespoke Supply Chain Sustainability Audit. Our process delivers rapid de-carbonisation and risk mitigation while streamlining and optimising your procurement processes via an ESG lens.

The savings are very real: imagine recovering in excess of 8% of your total operational expenditure! For most clients, this exceeds by a vast margin the costs inherent in regulatory and voluntary ESG and Net Zero compliance.

Ask the experts.

Unusually for our sector, we’re a British company, and that’s why we appear frequently across our nation’s media, both in print and when offering expert knowledge on televised debates.

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