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Get answers to your most pressing questions, and see why ESG PRO is the ideal UK and pan-European consultancy to support your ESG reporting journey

Our staff speak English, French, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, Serbian, and other languages too. We’re proud of our team and we’re certain you’ll be impressed too.

We are a British limited company, headquartered in the heart of Worcestershire, United Kingdom.

Our core software platform was developed from the ground up as a Cloud / SaaS configuration. For large corporations with carbon reduction obligations and who might need Big Data analytics, climate risk etc. we offer an On-Premise model.

Unlike many firms, even our SaaS model includes extended telephone support. Lines are open according to normal UK or European business hours.

We get asked this a lot! We believe that almost every client needs a level of engagement and support which extends beyond resolving any technical queries. A reporting platform is one thing, but having someone working alongside you to help draft the formal business responses is another.

At ESG PRO, we believe every SME can benefit from ESG reporting, and we have pricing plans to suit, even if your firm is just ten people strong. Customers, both public and commercial, are questioning who they’re dealing with, and with ESG, you can prove you are paying more than mere lip service to the hottest business topic to arise since offices gained electricity!

Yes, and our On-Premise platform is used by such major names as Facebook, The Motley Fool, Morgan Stanley and others. We can service your needs in the UK, Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and also globally.

We have published many articles on this, and the answers span brand enhancement, increasing success in public and private tenders, attracting investment, and making your firm a more desirable place to work. These days, attracting the best talent requires ensuring your environment, social, and governance policies, procedures and practise are top-notch!

Yes, our approach is designed so you can pass as much of the ‘heavy lifting’ as you like over to ESG PRO. By having your dedicated ESG PRO consultant – or team – working on your project, you can free up your internal resources. This approach helps you to achieve your early reporting results faster than merely dropping this task onto the desk of someone unfamiliar with the methodologies.

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