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Case Study ESG Initiatives – Naylor Nutrition

A ground-breaking UK corporation securing a €34.6m investment through a “Green Fund Investment” by the Dutch government, driven by Environmental and Social Governance. Before this financial instalment could be finalised, Naylor Nutrition was required to have an ESG position within the team. Acting as an extended member of Naylor Nutrition, ESG Pro implanted themselves into the corporation.


A major force in the UK/EU food and agricultural sector, Naylor Nutrition has developed an extraction process to sustainably produce nutritious plant-based food ingredients made from whole head cabbage, surplus cabbage leaves and other brassica crops.

A pre-requisite of the €34m of investment from the Dutch government hinged upon the completion of their ESG reporting against a very tight deadline. Construction of their first factory meant Naylor Nutrition had to demonstrate a total sustainability programme, and ESG Pro were called in to assist.

The deadline posed challenges because of the scale of the project set against the compressed time frame imposed by the Binding Terms agreement governing the investment.

Naylor Nutrition had to respond to the three pillars of ESG without mature CSR or sustainability programmes. This required root and branch reviews of policies, procedures, and methodologies.

There was also the need to integrate the particular regulatory requirements of the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

The objectives

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To deliver a fully-audited comprehensive GRI + IFC framework based ESG report and rating and to complete it all in less than six months.


Work commenced in January 2023 with a hard deadline of June 30th. With the ESG PRO fully managed service, Naylor met the deadline.

Gail Francis

Gail Francis, Director of Business Growth at Naylor Nutrition, explains the process:

“The friendly support and knowledgeable advice we’ve received from ESG Pro surpassed our expectations, and we remain especially impressed at how they were the only consultancy company who not only accepted the challenge of our deadline, but delivered the result on time and exactly on budget.

One of the key things that has never wavered throughout our long and successful history has been the importance Naylor Farms & Naylor Nutrition have placed on establishing a culture of transparency, integrity and compassion in all that we do. We’re determined to stand above the crowd, which is why our farm has reported in compliance with the LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) framework for decades.

ESG reporting further demonstrates the depth to which we abide by our values. Sustainability is fully integrated within our business model, which was born out of the need to create a zero-waste opportunity for our suppliers.

Waste management circularity is at the heart of what we are striving to achieve: farms will be able to reduce their food waste from 35 percent to zero. Waste-neutrality could actually change the poverty statistics globally. This explains our commitment to the UN SDGs and the IFC Principles, and why this a genuinely achievable goal.

The ESG Pro fully managed consultancy helped us immeasurably as we knew the precise costs of the project from the outset. We’re looking forward to a long partnership with the team!”

Gail highlights the steps along the way

The Naylor ESG rating

On 30 June 2023, exactly six months after the project kicked off, Naylor Nutrition Limited received their first ESG rating with a “Good” score of “B”. according to the Apex-ESG ratings methodology.

Next steps together

Carbon Neutrality

ESG Pro are working with Naylor to achieve carbon neutrality validated to the global standard of PAS2060:2014.

Supply Chain Auditing

A supply chain sustainability audit is reducing the Naylor ESG risk exposure and carbon footprint and costs.

Life Cycle Assessments

ESG Pro is advising Naylor Nutrition on life cycle assessments (LCA) and embodied carbon calculations.

Good Governance

Sound environmental stewardship relies upon the strongest governance and we’re continuing to strengthen this area.


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