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I need to manage our sustainability reporting landscape

  • Define your sustainability objectives

    Start with our bespoke Materiality Assessment to define your optimal strategy for the best ROI on your sustainability investment.

  • Assess your regulatory exposure

    The US SEC, E.U. and the U.K are leading with the regulatory enforcement of sustainability, so how exposed is your organisation?

  • Mitigate your corporate risk exposure

    Managing risk requires measurement and assessment, often at a granular level. Our methodology reveals your ESG threats.

  • Formulate a sustainability strategy

    With so many options, from CSR and ESG through to Net Zero and the UN SDGs, our leadership team can simplify the tasks ahead.


I need sustainability to create value for the organisation

  • Enhance your organisation’s reputation

    60% of U.S. consumers say brand values influence their purchasing decisions, and 64% are willing to pay more for a sustainable product.

  • Deliver growth today, tomorrow, and in ten years

    Sustainability management will reveal many hidden opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency gains, while spurring the innovation required for growth.

  • Risk mitigation is (profitable) good governance!

    Add value by translating risk into an opportunity by actively managing hidden internal threats and supply chain weaknesses.

  • Access the capital you require for growth

    Reporting on your ESG standards will future proof your business. Global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion – up 68 percent since 2014.


I need ESG to forge a new and lasting corporate identity

  • The Board: Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency

    Be a brand which everyone trusts, synonymous with the values your customers hold dear. A top-down approach to ESG is today’s corporate imperative.

  • Don’t become the news story!

    The bigger the organisation, the more people are watching. One mistake can be devastating, and a well-implemented ESG program offers protection.

  • Don’t forget outstanding employee relations

    A shortage of quality labour makes attracting and retaining the best talent difficult. Your corporate values must be aligned closely with those of your workforce.

  • Enhance your organisation’s reputation

    Use ESG to attract green investment, talent acquisition, and especially to win new clients. How you impact society is more important than ever.


I need compelling facts to present to our board

  • ESG-rated companies are more successful

    High ESG-rated companies were more competitive and generated abnormal returns, often leading to higher profitability and dividend payments.1

  • Financial stakeholders place high importance on ESG

    Ninety-one percent of banks monitor ESG, along with 24 global credit rating agencies, 71% of fixed income investors and over 90% of insurers.3

  • ESG concerns do not compromise returns, rather it’s the opposite

    Aggregated evidence from more than 2,000 empirical studies on the impact of ESG propositions on equity returns shows a 63% positive impact vs. a mere 8% negative.2

  • Brand values influence purchasing decisions

    60% of U.S. consumers say brand values (including a commitment to diversity and a positive company culture) influence their purchasing decisions, and 64% are willing to pay more for a sustainable product. 4

1 MSCI, “Three Major Channels from ESG to Financial Value”, citing Chava 2011 20+ studies, both academic and industry, and Deutsche Bank 2012, et al.
2 Gunnar Friede et al., “ESG and Financial Performance”, Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, October 201, volume 5, number 4, pp. 210 – 233.
3 Gartner, “The ESG Imperative: 7 Factors for Finance Leaders to Consider”, June 10, 2021.
4 BDO United States, “The Sustainability Edge: Business Benefits of Embracing ESG”, citing 2021 survey conducted by the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute.


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