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Our unique service makes ESG reporting easy for every business. Kick-start your ESG programme even without a team of people – it’s why ESG PRO was founded! We offer a flexible, staged, approach. so you can master the preliminaries such as materiality assessment and your supply chain audit, and progress to KPI reporting when you’re ready. With our personalised “hands-on” live support it’s like having a full team in-house.

  • Do you worry about your internal resources for ESG?

    Too much to do and not enough time? That’s exactly why ESG PRO was established because most clients don’t have a sustainability team and they need help! Our unlimited ESG support means you engage with your dedicated experts so you and your colleagues can focus on what counts.

    We work with every department across your business with “live” 1:1 ESG support. We save you £1,000’s by eliminating all software fees, and we cover everything from carbon emissions to policy writing … we even secure your ESG rating FOC!

  • We include all authoring and design work for a corporate-style Annual Sustainability Report

    You need to impress your clients and a professionally designed Annual Sustainability Report is critical. We also know how difficult it is to produce, so we have our own journalists and graphics design professionals produce your annual report with no added fees.

    Fully personalised and branded at no additional cost, this fantastic document conveys the very essence of your personalised to your organisation so you can shine brighter than your competitors.

  • The ESG PRO “All Inclusive” approach to sustainability reporting

    Work with a team of consultants devoted to you, all just a telephone call away. Meet with them “live”, and receive unlimited training and guidance at every stage of your project. We start with a project plan designed with you because every client has unique requirements, and your key objectives and resource concerns are our priority.

    Our “All Inclusive ESG” means you get all the support, software, training, policies, and even an ESG rating as used by 1,000’s of global brands. There’s no easier way to get started, and no approach more certain to succeed.

  • We Support 40+ ESG Frameworks in Multiple Languages

    We’re standards-driven, so we support the GRI, SASB, IFC, CSRD, TCFD, and many others globally. We don’t sell software, we actually help you find the answer to every question, we audit, and we deliver third-party assurance. We then submit your report for external auditing, with all fees included.

    With our Third Party Verification service, where even our work is audited, you and your clients can be confident that you’ve taken a comprehensive approach which will protect you from claims of greenwashing.

Hugely popular with small businesses, B-Corp certification has become an accepted standard, and it’s far superior to mere “tick box” badges such as those from  Eco Vadis. No quality certification is easy, and the B-Corp process can be frustrating without someone supporting you directly. Our team knows your time is precious, and they’re always there for you, guiding you question by question. Don’t struggle: we’re here to help!

  • What is Certified B Corp?

    B-Corp certification designates that your business has met specific high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. It’s hugely popular with micro-SME’s and it’s even used by some multi-nationals. It’s heavily based on very strict auditing of your responses to a modified ESG framework, with an extreme emphasis on the social component: how does your organisation treat people?


  • Why B-Corp Support is Essential

    B Corp certification is a major achievement for a small business as it has become a globally recognised trust standard. Unfortunately, the process is entirely anonymous, with nobody to approach when you have questions. That’s where ESG PRO come in: we deliver live 1:1 support sessions for your company directly, and we work in the background too to prepare the documentation you require. Our fully bespoke support package is perfect for every business.

  • How Complex is B Corp Certification?

    B-Corp is tricky because of the very strict auditing: everything must be proven. With the support of ESG Pro you can pass your assessment because we help you prepare all of the forms, policies, procedures, and more. We guide you through all of the questions, and we can even deliver your supply chain audit and carbon emissions calculations.


  • How does a Fully Managed Service help?

    If you’re considering a B-Corp certification in preference to an ESG certification, you’re probably representing a business of 2 – 25 people – and your time is limited. As we say, this isn’t a “tick box” exercise and the time and effort involved over the course of your first application will involve many hours spread over nine months. We work with you to design a tailored support programme which can deliver the precise level of hands-on live advice on a weekly basis, so you can concentrate on growing your business.


Calculating your carbon emissions is complex work, especially when there are 17 categories to consider. Our service is designed to remove the headaches, with expert advice on preparing SECR reports and PPN 06/21 Carbon Reduction Plans. Supreme affordability is key, but so is knowing that the work is accurate, efficient, and friendly. See what the ESG PRO team can do.

  • Why are PPN06/21 and SECR Reports so Difficult?

    A PPN06/21 Carbon Reduction Plan is required for many bids where public money is involved (such as for schools, the NHS, local government etc.), and the SECR regulation applies to most businesses with more than £40m turnover and 250 employees. For both, you must declare your carbon emissions accurately or face enforcement action from the FCA or the Advertising Standards Authority. We know it’s time-consuming and hard work!


  • There’s no Need to Buy Software

    Buying or leasing software doesn’t solve the problem because you still need to know how to gather the data, and what data to upload. Our consultants develop your carbon reduction plan with you, offering unparalleled advice and ideas, and we provide you with our Guide to carbon Reduction Planning handbook too.


  • What’s your Goal?

    Quality carbon reporting is a means to capture the attention of key clients because everyone is waking up to the fact that the goods and services they buy from you carry their own carbon footprint. Not only does in-depth reporting save you money in the long run, but it can deliver a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you’re approaching the topic due to regulatory requirements (SECR) or supply chain demands (PPN), we’ll help you recoup your expenditure.


  • Why a Fully Managed Service is Better Than Software Licenses

    We manage the entire process: our team take your data and performs all of the calculations. There are no software licenses required and nothing for you to learn. We then help to create your carbon reduction plan and justify your Net Zero statement. Finally, we produce your certified report. Easy!


Why not capitalise on your carbon emissions reporting and get Certified Carbon Neutral to PAS2060:2014? It’s easy with the right support, and with Gcetified Gold Standard carbon offsets, it’s credible and approved. We are proud of our speed and support, all designed to help you impress your clients.

  • Comprehensive Carbon Accounting and Verification

    To be certified as Carbon Neutral, only the PAS2060:2014 standard has the desired credibility (becomes ISO14068 in 2024). Our consultants complete a full study of your emissions, with their findings audited by a qualified third party, all the way up to an ACAS body, such as the NQA.


  • Carbon Offsetting

    We will recommend Gold Standard certified carbon offsets to cover the emissions we can’t help you to reduce organically, and that’s where our Supply Chain Sustainability Audit pays dividends, because you don’t want to pay for offsets you didn’t really need.

  • Prepare your Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP)

    Carbon reduction planning requires expert advice to minimise your costs, and to ensure your Net Zero statement can stand up to scrutiny. This can encompass Science Based Targets (SBT) too, or we can advise you on the SBTi initiative. Ours is a full service!


  • Carbon Neutral Verification and your QES

    Following your BSi PAS2060 emissions calculations and the development of your carbon reduction plan, we then prepare your Qualifying Explanatory Statement which is the final hurdle prior to verification. 100% credibility, with no greenwashing is your goal.

Completing the ESG preliminaries always involves conducting a multi-stakeholder Materiality Assessment, together with a Supply Chain Sustainability Audit. Why? Because the data then defines your sustainability strategy, and without it you’ll be shooing in the dark, wasting time and resources. We can help!

  • What is an ESG materiality assessment?

    ESG reporting must begin with a professional materiality assessment, engaging your stakeholders and advising your management. Our process is world-class, and we can support your stakeholders globally. Not only do we handle multiple stakeholder groups, we manage all of the analysis and survey hosting!


  • Materiality Assessment as a Fully Managed Service

    Complex, multi-level and multi-channel materiality assessments are just a phone call away. Affordable for an SME, and powerful enough for a global corporation, we’ve thought of everything (even foreign languages), and you have input into all aspects of the survey style. That’s the way to do it!

  • Why you Need a Materiality Assessment?

    Your materiality assessment defines your optimum sustainability strategy, and it is a requirement for any organisation seeking an ESG rating in accordance with the globally recognised ESG frameworks such as the GRI and SASB. Start on the right foot and reap the rewards of a well-founded ESG programme.


  • Affordable and Scalable for  SME, SMB, PLC or Government

    We understand what needs to be done, and there’s no need to over-complicate this process. Whether you just need to complete an s.172 statement, or you have stakeholders overseas, trust our expert teams to navigate you through the process from start to finish.

There are many choices out there, but with ESG Pro you have three solutions for ESG reporting software, ranging from our in-house software to ESG Enterprise and IBM Envizi – all backed by our incredible consultancy team! You can even start with an outsourced service and bring it in-house later.

  • Three ESG Sustainability Software Options

    Our larger clients with fully staffed sustainability teams favour having in-house software, without our consultants acting in support. We are authorised resellers for two global ESG software brands, plus we have our own platform so you have the choice of the best award-winning ESG reporting software. Just tell us what you need!


  • ESG software training and support

    We believe our ESG reporting software support and training options the most flexible and affordable in the industry. We create bespoke solutions to match your exact requirements.

  • Integrated ESG ratings

    We work with the top ESG rating agencies and data providers, including Sustainalytics, MSCI, ESGI, and ApexAnalytix so our clients can improve their ESG practices over time. With ESG Pro you have choices because there’s no one-size-fits-all and we will guide you through all of your options.


  • Support for ESG global trends

    Our ESG software solutions support all 40+ globally recognised ESG frameworks, including GRI, SASB, CSRD, TCFD, CSDDD, as well as those for all major stock exchanges globally. With coverage across 30+ languages, you will prove your adherence to the UN SDG metrics and the IFC principles.

The regulatory demands of TCFD and its derivative the EU CSRD are considerable, but it’s not as complex as some would have you believe. Simplified, their components ESG, GHG emissions, and Risk. A methodical approach reduces your costs of compliance and results in successful reporting. This is where ESG Pro can help.

  • Start with a Workshop

    No two organisations are alike, and that’s always true for TCFD and CSRD reporting. Our exploratory workshops serve to define your strategy, the nature and distribution of your assets, your internal resources, and more. What we avoid is starting with a software sales pitch, because software alone never delivers TCFD or CSRD compliance. Be methodical and succeed!


  • How Much Time is Required?

    The TCFD is the basis of all climate reporting rules across the UK, USA, EU, Japan, Singapore, and others, as well as for the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), while the newer EU CSRD is broadly similar. At the core is an assessment of of the risks and opportunities which may be realised due to climate change. It’s a big topic, and for any client it demands a year of work, and for some it may be several years. However, much may be completed internally.

  • What are the Four Pillars of TCFD and CSRD?

    TCFD is based upon four pillars of disclosure: governance, strategy, risk management, metrics and targets, creating a harmonisation of reporting standards. It’s highly multi-disciplinary, and as such you will need input from risk managers, GHG emissions specialists, accountants, your legal team, and our own risk and climate modelling experts. Working collaboratively, the answers are self-revealing!


  • The ESG Pro Approach

    The TCFD / CSRD reporting team at ESG Pro will organise a series of workshops with the purpose of creating a reporting strategy. Where software solutions are required, we offer two globally proven solutions, including IBM Envizi. Either way, you require a multi-year strategy which matches the scale of your organisation, your budgets and your risk exposure, and this is where our common sense really shines through.


Given that the number of businesses which are required to comply with the EU CSRD has just risen from 10,000 to 55,ooo (and rising), compliance is a huge topic and there are not enough in-house experts to support every firm.  The CSRD is far-reaching, and has a huge impact upon non-EU corporations too, and this is where the ESG Pro outsourced consultancy comes into play.

  • What is the CSRD?

    Like the TCFD, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) demands larger companies to report on the impact of their corporate activities upon both society and the environment, and to include forward-looking analysis in respect of the impact of climate change.


  • What are the CSRD reporting requirements?

    CSRD compliance requires reporting in accordance with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and it requires limited external assurance (auditing) by an approved third party. Filings must be in a digital, machine-readable format.

  • How complex is CSRD reporting?

    CSRD is more time consuming than complex, so it’s time to prepare now! Companies in-scope must submit their first reports on 1 January 2025, for the 2024 financial year. Data collection and auditing is intensive, and the climate scenario modelling requires specific expertise.


  • Why is a fully managed service best?

    CSRD reporting is multi-disciplinary, requiring in-depth knowledge of ESG, carbon emissions, climate modelling, accounting, and risk management. A fully managed service delivers the specialist resources to enable your compliance, saving your senior staff the expense and liability of trying to complete this internally.

How will you comply with the EU CBAM / Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism? Have you assessed the implications on your business and your market? This highly protectionist legislation will have devastating consequences for UK industries especially, and immediate preparation is the only option.

  • What is CBAM?

    CBAM is a new carbon levy (tax) applied on imports of products in the iron and steel, cement, aluminium, fertilizer, hydrogen, and electricity sectors, although it will quickly extend to cover transportation and airlines. The bottom line: if you import steel or other “in-scope” products, start preparing NOW!


  • What are the CBAM requirements?

    CBAM works in parallel with the EU ETS — the world’s largest carbon market — based on a cap and trade system. CBAM obliges companies importing into the EU to purchase CBAM certificates to pay the differential between the country of production’s carbon price and the price of carbon allowances in the EU ETS.

  • How complex is CBAM compliance?

    Importers must register governmental authorities and report on the emissions data of imported goods. Failure to prove that the required emissions data was calculated properly will result in the use of default values and will then be subjected to a higher emissions factor, increasing CBAM costs.


  • Why is a fully managed service best?

    CBAM implementation signifies significant added costs for importers to the EU, and performing the carbon emissions calculations is time consuming, expensive and complex. Our fully managed service removes the risks, and integrates your data with the EU ETS for total assurance.

So you need to create a Section 172 Statement to comply with the Companies Act 2006, but you’ve noticed that almost every accountancy firm gets this totally wrong? It’s no surprise: accountants aren’t trained in materiality assessments and stakeholder management: this is why you need ESG Pro!

  • What is an s.172 Statement?

    The directors of large companies must include a separate statement in their strategic report that explains how the directors have taken the broader interests of their stakeholders into account when performing their duties since they must “promote the success of the company for the benefit of all its members”.


  • What are some of the key s.172 considerations?

    You must show that your strategic decision-making demonstrates that you took the interests of your stakeholders into account, and that you considered the impact of your business upon the environment and the community.

  • Are there any unusual requirements for Section 172?

    Your s.172 statement is a serious document: every officer of the company also commits an offence if the section 172 statement is not published on your website for the specified periods. Also, be very cautious of “boilerplate” text produced by an accountant!


  • Are there any unusual requirements for Section 172?

    Your s.172 statement is a serious document: every officer of the company also commits an offence if the section 172 statement is not published on your website for the specified periods. Also, be very cautious of “boilerplate” text produced by an accountant!

The ESG Pro Supply Chain Sustainability Audit mitigates your risk exposure to below-par suppliers and it’s key to rapid de-carbonisation. We do all of the work, from designing the audit, hosting the service, analysing the results, and report writing. It’s also extremely efficient and highly accurate.

  • What is a supply chain sustainability audit?

    It’s an audit for companies seeking to ensure ethical, environmental, and social practices across their suppliers. This audit is relevant for all industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics and more. It scrutinises operations from raw material sourcing to end-product delivery, and it assesses factors such as carbon emissions, waste management, human rights adherence, and sustainable sourcing.


  • Why a fully managed service is the best approach

    No matter how many suppliers you have, a supply chain audit demands skilled analysts to determine your risk exposure. Our service designs and hosts the entire audit, and our analysts review
    every response.

  • How in-depth is a supply chain audit?

    We commence supply chain audits with an initial supplier self-assessment, followed up by an in-depth evidence-based examination where our “traffic light” report indicates undue risk. We examine criteria across the three pillars of Environment, Social, and Governance right down to your supplier’s carbon emissions and workforce management.


  • What is the advantage of using the ESG PRO supply chain sustainability audit?

    Because we have access to the data on many hundreds of thousands of businesses globally, we can also use the audit process to identify opportunities to rapidly de-carbonise your supply chain. For many clients, this lowers your tax burden (carbon, plastic packaging, etc.) It’s key to making sustainability self-funding.


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