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ESG & NET ZERO for the Technology Sector

ESG affects you

The education sector has done remarkably little to address climate and social issues demanded so vocally by the very people it’s there to serve. Too many schools and universities speak loudly and deliver little. With ESG reporting, there’s an opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Critically, in an era of unprecedented financial pressures, the ESG PRO programme of delivering cost-neutral sustainability is a sure-fire route to success. Let us show you how to fulfil the aspirations of your students and free up cash simultaneously!

Face your immediate challenges today

ESG PRO was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of helping businesses comply with Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, and the myriad of ancillary demands such as carbon footprint reports, carbon neutrality and beyond.

Our fixed price per project means the end of rip-off consultancy rates, and as it’s a Fully Managed Service, there are no costs for software or securing that all-important ESG rating.

Covering the entire spectrum of SME and large businesses, we even advise governments and global Plc’s. We’re supremely efficient, fast, and cost-effective, ensuring every business can comply and compete.

Cost Neutral Sustainability!

ESG PRO has the experience and size to guide almost any business through the spectrum of sustainability while making it entirely self- funding.

There are many facets to this remarkable approach, and it all starts with our bespoke Supply Chain Sustainability Audit. Our process delivers rapid de-carbonisation and risk mitigation while streamlining and optimising your procurement processes via an ESG lens.

The savings are very real: imagine recovering in excess of 8% of your total operational expenditure! For most clients, this exceeds by a vast margin the costs inherent in regulatory and voluntary ESG and Net Zero compliance.

Ask the experts.

Unusually for our sector, we’re a British company, and that’s why we appear frequently across our nation’s media, both in print and when offering expert knowledge on televised debates.

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