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Simplifying environmental reporting for the benefit of society

ESG PRO Ltd. welcomes alliance partners in professional services, government, and international trade bodies to further environment, social and governance reporting

Law Firms

Lawyers have an incredibly important role to play in respect of ESG, not least of all because of the human aspect. However, it’s the reputational and regulatory risks posed by the fast-evolving regulatory landscape which demand close attention.

By working with ESG PRO Limited as your firm’s Alliance Partner, you can focus on what you do best while ensuring your clients have the most scalable and powerful ESG reporting platform available.

Because we supply the software platform and manage the client onboarding together with day-to-day support and training, your clients will develop their reports faster and to a higher standard than is possible when they work alone.

Accountancy firms

As clients embark on their environment, social and governance reporting, they realise very early on that the financial reporting questions can be quite difficult. As the firm’s accountant, we want you to work with us for your client’s benefit.

The more your client’s industry is involved in emissions or waste, or employs staff in potentially higher risk occupations, the more likely it is that a quality ESG report will be requested by financial institutions, investors, and customers alike.

Helping your client to prepare their ESG report to globally recognised reporting standards, adds value to their enterprise, whether not-for-profit or commercial. With an ESG PRO alliance, you’re your firm and your client benefit.


We partner with technology firms because good governance begins with ensuring a firm’s computer infrastructure is robust. From protecting personal data to ensuring disaster recovery, good governance extends to risk management. Not only must your clients protect their systems, but they must analyse their risks and develop strategies to mitigate the resultant threats.

From SMEs to global corporations, we have the modern SaaS-based platform which your client requires to simplify their ESG reporting. By taking a license via your client, you can drive their risk analysis and contribute to developing their stakeholder analysis.

Partner with ESG PRO, and you will discover more opportunities to extend your services, all the while adding value to the client’s firm.

Human Resources

So often overlooked by lawyers and accountants advising firms on their ESG reporting journeys, the human element is a fundamental. The ESG SaaS platform is the perfect vehicle for your internal HR consultancy to extend its reach and add value.

A firm wants to employ the best talent, and by facilitating ESG reporting your clients will discover the best and the brightest will respect the values presented.

Because ESG reporting is evidence-based, clients require far more depth in respect of their policies and procedures. This alone makes having your client add you as a key stakeholder. In this way, your value-add becomes truly apparent to all.


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