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Expert ESG Consultants

All the services, one expert team!

Our team of experienced ESG consultants becomes your trusted partner in sustainability. We provide comprehensive support, from materiality assessments and strategy development to reporting and implementation. We don’t just give you recommendations; we help you implement them so you can focus on running your business.

  • Gain a clear understanding of your ESG priorities.
  • Develop a data-driven ESG strategy aligned with your business goals.
  • Improve your ESG performance and disclosure.
  • Reduce your environmental impact and build stakeholder trust.
  • Board level training on ESG
  • Materiality Assessments
  • ESG Benchmark Assessments (GAP analysis)
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Audits
  • ESG strategy advisory and action planning
  • Staff training on ESG disclosures (live 1:1)
  • Securing your ESG rating
  • Authoring Annual Sustainability Reports
  • Integrated Carbon Emissions reporting
  • … and many more!

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ESG Fully Managed Service

Reduce the complexity and costs

With ESG PRO’s fully managed service, you don’t have to purchase any software: except for our corporate clients, all software is included free of charge. Most of our clients actually prefer that we manage the software for them, and just guide the client’s employees on answering the questions!

We have designed our ESG Fully Managed Service approach so there are no software purchase costs for our clients. Not only does this save you £1,000’s there are no user training fees. This means that your finance, HR, health and safety, data protection, and other key people can concentrate on their core roles with the minimum of distractions.

Our fully managed ESG consultancy approach represents the most cost-effective approach for any small or medium business (SME/SMB), and every client is assured of getting their internationally accredited ESG rating at no extra cost!

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ESG Reporting Platforms

Which ESG frameworks are supported?

ESG Pro Limited recognises the importance of comprehensive ESG reporting and, therefore, our expert consultants utilise three distinct sustainability reporting platforms. This approach ensures total coverage and compatibility with all major ESG reporting frameworks, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), B-Corp, and others.

Our commitment to supporting a wide array of global ESG reporting frameworks underscores the versatile and global nature of our consultancy services. Understanding that businesses operate in a diverse and multi-faceted world, we ensure that your ESG reporting aligns with international standards, catering to a global audience. Whether you are navigating the complex requirements of the GRI, focusing on industry-specific disclosures of the SASB, addressing climate-related financial information through TCFD, complying with the European Union’s CSRD, or striving for the holistic assessment of B-Corp certification, ESG Pro Limited provides the expertise and support you need.

Our nuanced approach to ESG reporting not only enhances the credibility of your sustainability claims but also bolsters your global presence. By aligning with these renowned frameworks, your organisation demonstrates a commitment to transparency, accountability, and sustainable development on a global scale. This alignment is increasingly valued by investors, consumers, and stakeholders who seek out companies with robust, internationally recognised ESG credentials.

At ESG Pro Limited, we are dedicated to elevating your sustainability journey through expert guidance and comprehensive coverage of global ESG reporting frameworks.

  • TCFD and EU CSRD with Climate Scenario Analysis
  • Stock Exchanges, including APAC, Americas, Europe, and Middle East
  • SME Framework
  • All data collections and action plans

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Consultancy & Reporting

Materiality Assessment consultancy

You will gain the advantage of our fully managed service for ESG reporting including a thorough materiality assessment and mapping your concerns and perceived impacts of ESG upon both your organisation and your stakeholders.

From the relatively clear processes required for an SME, our consultants can manage the complex assessment needs of multinational corporations and governments. Don’t risk your ESG rating to a poorly conducted materiality assessment! Our materiality assessment process is exhaustive and methodical. We begin by identifying and prioritising ESG issues that are most significant to your business and stakeholders. This involves an in-depth analysis of your business operations, sector-specific challenges, and stakeholder expectations. Our goal is to pinpoint the ESG aspects that are critical to your business’s success and reputation, ensuring that your ESG strategy is both targeted and impactful.

GHG and Carbon reporting

Your carbon footprint is of critical importance to sustainability reporting and all major ESG frameworks. As part of our fully managed service, we can complete your initial carbon calculation covering GHG Scope 1 2 3.

We maintain your reporting annually to multiple international standards, include the UK PPN06/21, Streamlined Emissions and Carbon Reporting (SECR), and through to the “gold standard” of BSi PAS2060, the ultimate verification of carbon neutrality.

In an era where sustainability is not just a goal but a necessity, understanding and managing your carbon footprint has become crucial. ESG Pro Limited specialises in offering a comprehensive, fully managed service that addresses all aspects of your carbon footprint, aligning with major ESG frameworks and sustainability reporting requirements. Our expertise ensures that your organisation not only meets but exceeds environmental standards, setting you apart in a marketplace increasingly focused on sustainability.

Comprehensive Carbon Footprint Calculation

Your journey towards sustainability begins with a thorough calculation of your carbon footprint. ESG Pro Limited meticulously covers GHG Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This comprehensive assessment provides a clear picture of your direct and indirect emissions, offering invaluable insights into where and how your organisation impacts the environment. This initial step is critical in setting a benchmark against which all future efforts can be measured.

Ongoing Reporting to International Standards

Sustainability is a dynamic field, with new standards and requirements emerging regularly. Our service includes annual maintenance of your reporting, ensuring compliance with multiple international standards. These include the UK’s PPN06/21, Streamlined Emissions and Carbon Reporting (SECR), and the highly esteemed BSi PAS2060 – the ultimate verification of carbon neutrality. Adhering to these standards not only demonstrates your commitment to sustainability but also positions your company as a leader in environmental stewardship.

Aligning with UK PPN06/21

The UK’s PPN06/21 is a critical standard for organisations looking to showcase their commitment to sustainability. ESG Pro Limited ensures that your reporting aligns with these guidelines, reflecting your efforts in reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the UK’s broader environmental goals.

Streamlined Emissions and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

SECR compliance is another key aspect of our service. This streamlined approach to carbon and emissions reporting is designed to simplify the process while ensuring transparency and accuracy. By aligning your reporting with SECR standards, ESG Pro Limited helps your organisation demonstrate its proactive approach to carbon management.

Achieving the Gold Standard with BSi PAS2060

For organisations aspiring to the highest level of sustainability recognition, achieving BSi PAS2060 is the ultimate goal. This standard is the gold standard in verifying carbon neutrality. ESG Pro Limited guides your organisation through the rigorous process of achieving this prestigious certification, ensuring that your sustainability efforts are recognised and validated at the highest level.

Tailored Strategies for Carbon Reduction

Understanding your carbon footprint is just the first step. We go further by developing tailored strategies to reduce your carbon emissions. Our approach is holistic, encompassing everything from energy efficiency measures to the adoption of green technologies. These strategies are designed not only to reduce your environmental impact but also to enhance your operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Engagement and Education

A critical part of our service involves engaging with and educating your team about the importance of carbon management. We believe that true sustainability comes from an organisation-wide commitment. Therefore, we offer training and resources to ensure that every member of your team understands their role in achieving your sustainability goals.

Future-Proofing Your Organisation

With ESG Pro Limited, you’re not just complying with current standards; you’re future-proofing your organisation. As regulations evolve and consumer expectations shift towards more sustainable practices, your proactive approach to carbon management positions you as a forward-thinking leader in your industry.

Transparent and Accessible GHG Emissions Reporting

Our reporting is not only compliant with international standards but also transparent and accessible. We believe that clear communication is key to demonstrating your sustainability efforts. Our reports are designed to be easily understood by stakeholders, investors, and customers alike, reinforcing your reputation as a transparent and responsible organisation.

In conclusion, partnering with ESG Pro Limited for your carbon footprint management means choosing a path of sustainability, compliance, and leadership. Our fully managed service ensures that your organisation is not only meeting the demands of today but is also prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Contact us at, and take the first step towards a sustainable future.

The advantage of an ESG rating

We are confident that ESG PRO offers the only integrated ESG rating service without any additional auditing or verification costs. Securing an internationally recognised ESG rating is what helps to add value to your business.

From auditing through to in-depth corporate report writing, our clients save time and consultancy costs by trusting our ESG advisors to complete these processes in one seamless offering.

At ESG Pro Limited, we specialise in guiding organisations through the nuanced process of obtaining an ESG rating. Our expertise ensures that your ESG initiatives are not only recognised but also rewarded in the financial market. A strong ESG rating attracts socially conscious investors and can lead to better financial performance. As investors increasingly seek out companies with sustainable practices, your ESG rating becomes a competitive edge.

Moreover, an ESG rating enables your organisation to stay ahead of regulatory changes, reducing compliance risks. Our strategic advisory services help you navigate the complex regulatory environment, ensuring that your business remains agile and compliant with current and future ESG regulations.

With ESG Pro Limited, benefit from enhanced risk management. An ESG rating provides valuable insights into areas where your organisation can improve sustainability and governance practices, mitigating potential risks before they escalate. This proactive approach to risk management can save your organisation from costly setbacks and reputational damage.

The journey to achieving an ESG rating is a transformative one. ESG Pro Limited is committed to partnering with you every step of the way. Our bespoke ESG strategies are tailored to reflect the unique vision and goals of your organisation, ensuring that the process adds intrinsic value beyond the rating itself.

Take the first step towards securing your ESG rating and join the ranks of visionary organisations leading the charge in sustainable business practices. Visit to learn more and book your consultation. Be at the forefront of the sustainable revolution with ESG Pro Limited—where your commitment to ESG excellence is our priority.

ESG Reporting: Beyond Compliance

ESG reporting is no longer just about compliance; it’s about communication and strategy. Our ESG reporting services go beyond the basics to provide a clear, comprehensive view of your organisation’s ESG performance. This involves not just identifying areas of risk and opportunity but also communicating your ESG story in a way that resonates with stakeholders, investors, and the wider community.

For SMEs: Simplifying the Complex

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), navigating the realm of ESG can seem daunting. Our consultants specialise in demystifying the process, offering clear guidance and support. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by SMEs and tailor our materiality assessments to meet these needs, ensuring that your ESG strategy is both achievable and effective.

Multinational Corporations and Governments: Managing Complexity

For multinational corporations and governments, the ESG landscape is significantly more complex. Our team has extensive experience in managing the intricate ESG needs of large, diverse organisations. We conduct thorough materiality assessments that consider the varied operational, regulatory, and cultural contexts in which these entities operate. Our approach ensures that your ESG strategy is robust, comprehensive, and aligned with global best practices.

Risk Management: Protecting Your ESG Rating

A poorly conducted materiality assessment can jeopardise your ESG rating. Our service minimises this risk by ensuring that your assessment is thorough, accurate, and reflective of your organisation’s reality. We provide insights that are essential for informed decision-making, helping to protect and enhance your ESG rating.

Stakeholder Engagement: A Collaborative Process

Effective ESG management requires active stakeholder engagement. Our materiality assessment process includes stakeholder consultations to understand their perspectives and concerns. This collaborative approach ensures that your ESG strategy addresses the issues most important to your stakeholders, building trust and strengthening relationships.

Customised Solutions for Diverse Needs

Every organisation is unique, and so are its ESG challenges. We offer customised solutions that reflect your specific needs and goals. Whether you are an SME looking to build your ESG capabilities or a multinational corporation seeking to streamline your ESG processes, our team is equipped to provide the guidance and support you need.

Data-Driven Insights for Strategic Decision Making

Our materiality assessments are data-driven, providing you with the insights needed for strategic ESG decision-making. We analyse a wide range of data sources to give you a comprehensive view of your ESG performance, identifying trends, risks, and opportunities that are critical to your business.

Take the First Step Towards Effective ESG Management

Don’t leave your ESG rating to chance. Partner with ESG Pro Limited for a comprehensive, fully managed ESG materiality assessment service. Our expertise, customised solutions, and stakeholder-focused approach make us the ideal partner for your ESG journey. Select the Contact Us option or simply book a meeting right now to learn more about our services and take the first step towards effective ESG management.

Take the First Step Towards Effective ESG Management

Don’t leave your ESG rating to chance. Partner with ESG Pro Limited for a comprehensive, fully managed ESG materiality assessment service. Our expertise, customised solutions, and stakeholder-focused approach make us the ideal partner for your ESG journey. Select the Contact Us option or simply book a meeting right now to learn more about our services and take the first step towards effective ESG management.

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