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ESG consulting – for everyone

  • First, focus on getting the basics right

    ESG and sustainability reporting demands attention to the basics. First, there’s a Materiality Assessment (a stakeholder survey), and a competitor review so your strategy is “on point”. Auditing your supply chain is critical too, as is some degree of board-level training. We design a bespoke approach for every client and deliver through a fully managed service. It works brilliantly for clients of every size!

  • Then consider clarity and affordability  

    What’s your strategy? In a field filled with acronyms, we believe in plain speaking. Your board want to know the actual business benefits and the costs. They want help to define a clear strategy, without “consultant speak”. We help businesses which range from micro-SMEs to global giants deliver ESG reporting because they know we will deliver their project to agreed objectives, on time and on budget.

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Expert ESG Consultants

All the services, one expert team!

Our expert ESG consultancy teams become your own sustainability experts: an on-tap resource you can access every day, live, one-to-one. We don’t just give you software and leave you to figure it out, we actually manage that for you so you can focus on growing and improving your business. Key aspects of our services cover:

  • Board level training on ESG
  • Materiality Assessments
  • ESG Benchmark Assessments (GAP analysis)
  • Supply Chain Sustainability Audits
  • ESG strategy advisory and action planning
  • Staff training on ESG disclosures (live 1:1)
  • Securing your ESG rating
  • Authoring Annual Sustainability Reports
  • Integrated Carbon Emissions reporting
  • … and many more!

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ESG as a Managed Service

Reduce the complexity and costs

With ESG PRO’s fully managed service, you don’t have to purchase any software: except for our corporate clients, all software is included free of charge. Most of our clients actually prefer that we manage the software for them, and just guide the client’s employees on answering the questions!

We have designed our fully managed ESG approach so there are no software purchase costs for our clients. Not only does this save you £1,000’s there are no user training fees. This means that your finance, HR, health and safety, data protection, and other key people can concentrate on their core roles with the minimum of distractions.

Our fully managed ESG consultancy approach represents the most cost-effective approach for any small or medium business (SME/SMB), and every client is assured of getting their internationally accredited ESG rating at no extra cost!

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ESG Reporting Platforms

Which ESG frameworks are supported?

Our ESG consultants use three different sustainability reporting platforms, ensuring total coverage of all major ESG reporting frameworks, including the following primary frameworks. Our tams can also author unique frameworks on a government or corporate level according to industry or sector.

  • TCFD and EU CSRD with Climate Scenario Analysis
  • Stock Exchanges, including APAC, Americas, Europe, and Middle East
  • SME Framework
  • All data collections and action plans

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Consultancy & Reporting

Materiality Assessment consultancy

You will gain the advantage of our fully managed service for ESG reporting including a thorough materiality assessment and mapping your concerns and perceived impacts of ESG upon both your organisation and your stakeholders.

From the relatively clear processes required for an SME, our consultants can manage the complex assessment needs of multinational corporations and governments. Don’t risk your ESG rating to a poorly conducted materiality assessment

GHG and Carbon reporting

Your carbon footprint is of critical importance to sustainability reporting and all major ESG frameworks. As part of our fully managed service, we can complete your initial carbon calculation covering GHG Scope 1 2 3.

We maintain your reporting annually to multiple international standards, include the UK PPN06/21, Streamlined Emissions and Carbon Reporting (SECR), and through to the “gold standard” of BSi PAS2060, the ultimate verification of carbon neutrality.

The advantage of an ESG rating

We are confident that ESG PRO offers the only integrated ESG rating service without any additional auditing or verification costs. Securing an internationally recognised ESG rating is what helps to add value to your business.

From auditing through to in-depth corporate report writing, our clients save time and consultancy costs by trusting our ESG advisors to complete these processes in one seamless offering.

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