ESG Pro Achieves B Corp™ Certification


ESG Pro Limited is thrilled to share the news of achieving B Corp Certification, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering an economy that values people, the planet, and profit equally. As a firm established in 2016, with a huge dedicated team of sustainability professionals spread across our offices in London, Birmingham, Belfast, York, and overseas, ESG Pro Limited is the only sustainability management consultancy to have received this prestigious recognition from B Lab™ while also having a globally recognised ESG rating (“ABB”). This certification underscores our steadfast dedication to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.


ESG Pro Achieves B Corp Certification
ESG Pro Achieves B Corp Certification


Our journey in embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles has been transformative. We began evaluating company through an ESG lens, integrating these considerations into our core investment strategy. Our proactive approach has included the development of an ESG Toolkit, aiding management teams in various initiatives, from formulating social value strategies to implementing robust cybersecurity measures. Notably, our efforts have extended to supporting our management teams in attaining B Corp Certification.

At ESG Pro Limited, our mission is to cultivate businesses that thrive over the long term, prioritising sustainability as a critical element of success. Aligning with the B Corp philosophy, we are committed to utilising business as a catalyst for positive change. Our ongoing journey involves enhancing our ESG performance and capabilities, along with empowering the management teams we support to amplify their impact.

Humperdinck Jackman, CEO, underscores the importance of this certification as a pivotal moment in our growth, reflecting our dedication to ESG excellence and providing a roadmap for our future endeavours. Our continuous focus on improvement, from establishing ESG metrics for our portfolio to integrating diversity and inclusion initiatives and emphasising sustainability in our operations, has been instrumental in our achievement:

“Our core mission is to nurture businesses that not only thrive today but are poised for long-term success, emphasising the importance of sustainability beyond immediate financial gains. Aligning with B Corp principles resonates with our philosophy, as we embrace the concept of business as a catalyst for positive change. We’re actively refining our business practices to prioritise benefits for people and the environment. This commitment extends beyond enhancing our ESG framework; it involves actively supporting our management teams with resources and strategies to magnify their positive impact on society and the environment.” – Humperdinck Jackman, CEO


B Corp Certified

Natashia Lee, managing director and Head of ESG, emphasises our commitment to leveraging the B Lab framework to foster collective progress within ESG Pro Limited, our portfolio companies, and the broader B Corp community.

“Achieving B Corp Certification marks a significant milestone in ESG Pro’s growth journey. It reflects our commitment to evaluating and enhancing our ESG practices, offering us a definitive guide for future endeavours and a pledge to continual advancement. Our dedication to business improvement is evident, from establishing ESG benchmarks in 2016, to initiating our Diversity and Inclusion strategy in 2019, and integrating sustainability into our recent office relocation. While these efforts have contributed to our favourable evaluation, we acknowledge the journey ahead. The B Lab framework serves as a valuable compass, guiding our collaborative efforts with the ESG Pro team, our management teams, and the broader B Corp community to foster sustained progress.” – Natashia Lee, Managing Director

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Humperdinck Jackman
Leads the daily operations at ESG PRO, he specialises in matters of corporate governance. Humperdinck hails from Bermuda, has twice sailed the Atlantic solo, and recently devoted a few years to fighting poachers in Kenya. Writing about business matters, he’s a published author, and his articles have been published in The Times, The Telegraph and various business journals.


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